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Smart buildings are becoming increasingly complex, increasing demand for a single platform to integrate multiple control & monitoring systems.

Britthay Electric offers scalable and full programmable BMS solutions designed to meet your building needs. Our multi-protocol system offers easy integration with all building systems and subsystems combined into a single interface.

“Smart building management for any size building”

Whatever the size or complexity of your project, from simple stand-alone, pre-programmed BMS to large multi-building systems working across ethernet or fiber optic LANs with multiple control interfaces. BrittHay Electric Ltd guarantees a professional, reliable, cost-effective service.

Building Control Solutions

Our goal is to provide building automation & energy management solutions that will increase building energy efficiency, maximize reliability and enhance occupant comfort

Our Building Automation Services

BrittHay Electric provides complete “Design-Build” control solutions

Building Automation & Control
Energy Management
Integration Solutions
HVAC Controls
Utility Monitor & Control
Automated Alarming and Remote Notification
Lighting Controls

Project Types

Multi-Building Campuses
Critical Systems
Schools & Universities
Multi-Tenant Offices
Commercial Buildings

Building Management Systems

  • Reduce energy cost with intelligent control
  • Reduce maintenance cost and extend building equipment life
  • Maintain measured comfort for building occupants
  • Reduce human error and improve building energy efficiency
  • Save Operating cost when everything runs on one pre-programmed system, use less energy, saving cost
  • Archiving data into one central database

Commercial Refrigeration

  • Maximize equipment uptime and ensure the highest level of food quality and food safety
  • Rely on precision engineering, heavy-duty commercial refrigeration products for system monitoring
  • Real-time data to optimize commercial refrigeration system efficiency and reliability
  • Ensure the safety of valuable equipment of the building
  • Secured remote access to building services and systems from anywhere
  • System monitoring, alarm management

HVAC Controls

  • Provide end-to-end Reliable, innovative HVAC control solutions
  • Design-Install-Program-Test & Commission turnkey project solutions
  • Fully-customize, real-time graphical user interface
  • Automatic alarms sent via email, facility-wide control, monitoring and dashboard capabilities
  • Secure access to building control & monitor data from anywhere local or remote using a web browser, tablet or smartphone

Lighting & Electrical Systems

  • adjust the lighting system as per the user’s needs
  • provide intelligent automated lighting
  • scheduling to reduce energy consumption and improve sustainability
  • daylight harvesting

HVAC systems play a crucial role in reducing diseases like COVID-19: Healthcare Facilities

Tips for verifying Airborne infection isolation rooms working properly

  • verify room sensor are calibrated and working properly
  • ensure room controllers and monitors are working and communicating with supply and exhaust airflow valves
  • verify room in operating at a negative pressure relative to surrounding areas and ensure room pressure is being properly maintained and documented
  • Verify correct air changes per hour are taking place per CDC/ASHRAE standards
  • Confirm temperature and humidity ranges are in place per CDC/ASHRAE standards
  • Verify room is being exhausted directly outside through a HEPA filter
  • Ensure door are being kept closed except during health care personnel entry/exit
  • Confirm patients room are visible on your building automation system, for prompt notification of any issues
  • Consider updating older supply and exhaust VAV boxes to fast-acting venturi air valve or measure airflow valve

For more details refer to the ANSI/ASHRAE/ASHE Standard 170-2017 Ventilation of Health care Facilities


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