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Managing Director

It gives me great pleasure to write this testimonial on behalf of Hay Electric/BrittHay Electric.

McAlpine has been doing business in the Cayman Islands as a General Contractor since 1971 and has been responsible for many of the more prestigious buildings erected in Grand Cayman.

I am happy to say that commencing in 1987 at our Hyatt Hotel contract, Kenny Hay has worked with our company from time to time. When Kenny formed Hay Electric 1991, we were able to award two of our major commercial contracts; Harbour Place, and The Royal Bank of Canada to Hay Electric. Both contracts were exceptional successes, in no small measure due to Hay Electric’s efforts. We now look forward to working with BrittHay on several of our upcoming projects.

All of our project managers and superintendents enjoy the harmonious working relationships with your field staff and the common wish expressed by all is: “if only all the other subs performed like BrittHay…”

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