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How Thermal Imaging Prevents Costly Shutdowns and Outages

Thermal Imaging can help you detect and solve problems before costly shutdowns and outages occur. Infrared inspections can help you identify and see electrical issues, such as loose connections, faulty fuses and breakers, broken switches, and many other...

Electrical Distribution Network Design and Consulting

BrittHay Electric provides electrical distribution network design, engineering, and consulting for all your residential and industrial construction projects. So, if you can dream it, we can make it happen. Our electrical engineering consultants will help you design a...

Emergency and UPS Backup

When you’re at home and you blow a fuse, it can be frustrating. However, it’s usually an easy fix, and then life goes on. But when it comes to commercial and industrial computers and medical equipment, a loss like that is not only inconvenient but may also be fatal....

HVAC Systems’ Role in Reducing Illnesses

According to The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers, HVAC filters help to reduce virus transmission while removing other air contaminants that may have health effects. This means that HVAC systems deliver clean air by exchanging...

Generator Solutions for All Your Power Needs

When your sense of comfort relies on such luxuries as lighting, cooking, heating, air conditioning, etc., having power is more than just critical. But, the reality is that until you lose power, you won’t switch that backup generator from your wish list to your actual...

Upgrading Your Home Office

If you’ve been working remotely during the past year (or even longer), there’s a good chance that you may be growing sick of your home office. Does this sound familiar? So, before you pick out new paint and furniture, consider updating your technology as...
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